About us

Soulprint Live in Vansbro Theater 2012

The band!


The history behind the music is long! Mats started making some of the songs on our first cd in the 70:ths. The tunes has been made and remade over the course of time and finally, when the development of technique allowed it, he could document the music in his studio.
Over time wonderful people has contributed with instruments and sounds on our records and at the core we still have

Pär Helje on leadguitar.

Mattias Bender on drums and choir.

Dennis Lindkvist on bass.

Mats Bender as the songwriter and all keyboards.

Anna Jobs Bender as the lyricswriter and leadsong.


For 10 ys we had the amazing Henrik Björlind on flutes, keys, guitar, fiddle and song but he has since mid 2017 decided to give all his time to his beautiful family. We will miss him but wish him all the love in the world.

We now welcome Linnéa Syrjälä on flutes, accordeon and additional keyboards/song.

Johanna Bender is ever present with her voice in the choir on all recordings.


As you might now have noticed we keep it more or less in the family! And this is how we like it! We work good together and know eachother very well, wich makes it easy in the musical development and progress.
So, there you have a bit "about us". Please continue to read more and listen to music samples here on this website and facebook.

Linnéa Syrjälä